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This page last updated on:
January 19, 2017

StrikingColor Glass makes limited production 104 compatible* striking silver glass.
Ordering may be done through the
Strikingcolor Etsy store or by clicking one of the photo links below.
Although not yet completed, direct ordering off this website is also in the works.
(The broken Etsy link above has been repaired. I apologize to anyone who was unable to get to my store with it before.)

As many of my longtime customers know, on May 10, 2015 I had a high speed collision with a deer on my motorcycle and broke both hands/wrists, several ribs and fingers, collapsed a lung, and broke a toe. I woke up in the ambulance roughly 45 minutes later on the way to the Level 1 Trauma Center in Atlanta, then spent several days in the ICU and a week and a half in the hospital, at which point I insisted they release me (against doctor's advice) because I had no health insurance. I went home with my broken ribs, casts on both hands, a walking cast on my right foot, as well as steel pins in both hands and my big toe. As one might imagine, the next several months were not a lot of fun.

Due to both the physical and financial after-effects of my mishap, production of new StrikingColor glass was suspended for nearly a year.

The good news is that my injuries have healed and StrikingColor glass is now being made again.

If you would like to be alerted when new glass is available, please go to this page to be added to the StrikingColor mailing list.

Here is a video of a bead made with StrikingColor VDA613 glass.
(Warning - Turn down your sound before playing the video. The background music is pretty loud.)
If you want to save time and just see the striking of the bead, start the video at about the halfway point.

* "104 compatible" is a rather ambiguous term meaning that these glasses are generally compatible with other popular flameworking glasses considered "104 COE" such as Moretti/Effetre and Vetrofond. However, due to the fact that glass compatiblity is dependent upon more than COE alone, as well as the fact that we have absolutely no say in the quality control of other manufacturers (and not even all of their own colors are compatible with each other), we at StrikingColor cannot guarantee our glasses to be universally compatible with those from any other manufacturer. If you will be mixing with glass from another manufacturer, compatibility testing with that glass before going into production is strongly encouraged.